Writers’ Guidelines & Submission Procedures

Warriors & Wizards is seeking original fantasy stories and articles. All types of fantasy fiction will be considered.

Format & Cover Letter: Submissions should be submitted in either .RTF or .DOCX or .DOC format as an email attachment. Your cover letter should contain the word count of your story, a short description of your story, your publishing history, the name you wish to be credited by and any other relevant information.

Word Count & Submission: We are looking for stories of 1000-10000 words, but stories of 5000 words or less are preferred. Sexual themes and stories with strong sexual content are acceptable, but we are not a market for full-blown erotica. We will accept any article dealing with a fantasy subject, but please inquire first before sending. We are not a market for poetry or fan fiction. Submissions must not use the intellectual property of any other author or company. Ensure your work meets the above criteria and is of the highest quality possible.

Send your cover letter/work to with the following in the subject line: Magazine Submission.

Art: If you wish to have your art considered for Warriors & Wizards, please send an inquiry, along with a link to an online gallery (if possible), to Please note that we only purchase pre-existing pieces of art; we have no plans to commission original art for covers at this time. Art prices are subject to negotiation.

Pay Rate: Warriors & Wizards pays through paypal only at this time. We pay a flat $10 per accepted story or article as well as a free .pdf copy of the issue of the magazine the story appears in and the next 6 issues of the magazine after it. Upon acceptance, the author may also use some of our adspace to promote himself/herself, a website or other project or book, both in the actual magazine his/her story appears and on our website.

Rights: All rights remain with the author and he/she is free to publish elsewhere, however the story will continue to appear and be sold in back issues of Warriors & Wizards magazine. We hold no exclusive rights to your story other than the agreement to publish it in our magazine.

Additional Notes: Warriors & Wizards is edited and published by Graveland Studios, and its founder Jeremy D. Hill. We are always looking for volunteer staff to help make Warriors & Wizards the best it can be. If you would like to volunteer somehow, email with the subject line: Magazine Staff. Please include all necessary information in the body of the email and we will get back to you.

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